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The Teenage Girls Clothing Style Inspired By Ms. Blair Waldorf

The teenage girls clothing style inspired by Ms. Blair Waldorf7

The very famous, rich and super chic Blair Waldorf from the Upper East Eide, played by the brilliant actress Leighton Meester who has inspired many popular teen clothing brands, and who is the “Queen Bee” of the Constance Billiard School for Girls and Serena’s best friend on the Gossip Girl series is a trending fashion icon.

Being the daughter of a fashion designer, it’s no shock that Ms. Waldorf has a great sense of fashion and a trademark of her style.

The Blair Waldorf Fashion Statement

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Ms. Waldorf has a very traditional, classic and well polished sense of style. Blair has always appeared as if she has just come out of a fashion store, her attire has no flaws and always picture perfect.

Blair only wears skirts and dresses you will never or very rarely find her wearing pants, ...

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4 Wholesale Fashion Belts For Women That Will Rock 2013

If you want to look stylish, only wearing good clothes will not do. The newest fashion trends 2013 include teaming up your outfit with fantastic accessories which will give you an edge.

Using different accessories such as jewelry and belts will give you a new look with every outfit you have. Your look needs to have a more layered structure and the correct selection of belt will make your look turn from blah to brilliant.

One of the best accessories that you can own is a belt. A good belt can highlight your curves naturally and make you look awesome. There are 4 belts which absolutely must be owned by every woman.

Check out our list of 4 wholesale belts for women that will rock 2013:

1) A Typical Belt

4 Wholesale Fashion Belts For Women That Will Rock 2013_1

You must have a typical and regular belt in your wardrobe...

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What To Wear For A Halloween Party, Clothing Styles For Women 2013

What to wear for a Halloween party, clothing styles for women 2013 5

Everyone loves Halloween and most on them are usually confused as to what they are going to be wearing for their parties. Do not worry I have made a list of Halloween costumes inspired by characters that you will be able to find in your wardrobe, these are costumes are cheap and affordable fashion for women . This list contains characters from the modern as well as the classics.

1) Crazy Edie

What to wear for a Halloween party, clothing styles for women 2013

Edith “Edie” Bouvier Beale is one of  the most popular “crazy cat lady” available. This is for all you  history geeks and  buffs with a sense of humor,  You could easily pull of a Little Edie costume with a some mismatched tights, a long skirt and a polo neck top, you will also need an  a bulky faux-fur coat...

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Master The Art Of Dressing Stylishly For College With These 6 Tips

A lot of students have grown up wearing a uniform in school, which is why starting college makes it even more thrilling. You can finally wear anything that you want. But the major question arises. What should I wear? You want to look fashionable but have no clue about any college clothing style. Often a dilemma arises that you want to buy trendy college clothing brands for your daily wear but they should also be wear-able next season.

These 6 tips will change the way you approach dressing for college. Take a look!

1) Jeans


 Jeans is a college clothing style which is a complete must-have. It can be worn at any time, day or night. You can repetitively wear it without the need to wash it every time. Plus, the older the jeans the better they look...

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2013 Clothing Trends For Teenagers That Are Looking For Cheap And Affordable Themed Party Outfits

Sometime in your school or college years, it’s likely that you are going to go for a themed party and you need themed party based in style clothing for teenage girls, despite you hang out with the geeks of your college or not, gatherings and parties have to definitely happen at your college campus. College parties are weirdly themed, so it’s better to have a variety of mixed outfit alternatives available.

Firstly, you obviously need to shop for your wird and silly clothes and the prices of these clothes and items might astonish you. Remember that you might most likely have some amount of these clothes and things in your wardrobe so do not rush to shop immediately.

Below are some suggestions that can give you some clothing ideas for your themed party And obviously they are not above $10...

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