9 Amazing Tips On Trendy Wholesale Jewelry Accessories You Can Use Today

The right accessories can really accentuate your look. Any wrong move and you will be caught by the fashion police. There are some very essential accessories that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. Take a look as some trendy wholesale jewelry accessories that you can die for:

1)    A Belt With Studs

A belt with studs

This is the most basic accessory that you should have in your closet. A belt with studs will look good on a simple dress or skirt. You can buy a belt with various colors which includes brown, red, blue and violet.


2)    A Necklace With Multiple Tiers

Multi-tire necklace

A necklace with multiple tiers will give you an elegant appearance. It can look good in a trendy little black dress, a blazer and on blouses as well giving you a the liberty to mix and match all your accessories.


3)    A Clutch With A Wild Horse Pattern

Clutch with Wild Horse Pattern

Purses with a floral print or a striped pattern is so last season. Instead opt for something unique which will make you stand out in the crowd. A black and white clutch with a wild horse pattern will give you a vintage look. And trust us, it looks great!


4)    Pump Shoes Which Are Pointed

Pointy Pump Shoes

Pump shoes are “in” this season. Go for the pointy ones. If you cannot afford a pair of Clarks pointed pump shoes, you can visit stores which offer cheap clothes and shoes for juniors. These accessories will make you look wonderful regardless of the price.


5)    Drop Earrings From Onyx

Onyx Earrings

Drop earrings from onyx increase your versatility factor. The best part about them is that they look fantastic with all your ensembles including dresses, denims, jumpers, skirts and pants.


6)    A Leather Bag That Slings Across Your Body

Sling Leather Bag


If you are a college going student, then your attire is incomplete without a nice bag that holds all your stuff. Numerous stores offer fashionable book bags for college. Opt for a leather bag in sling style. It looks cute and stylish as well and will go with every outfit you have.


7)    A Funky Watch

Funky Watch

It’s the end of summer and it is time for you to invest in a funky watch which will complete your attire. Watches from Titan and Citizen offer a wide variety of watches which are affordable and chic at the same time.


8)    A Pair Of Classy Sunglasses


It is not a compulsion to wear glasses only during summer season. Your eyes require protection during any season. Wearing a pair of classy sunglasses will give you a very stylish and cool look.


9)    A Thick Metal Bracelet Which Is Embossed

Embossed Bracelet

This is the new “in” thing this season. A cuff or a bangle which is oversized is the only accessory you require if you are wearing a simple summer dress. Because it is thick, you do not need to wear anything else and still look stunning. There are various stores that sell wholesale fashion hair accessories. These are a great way to improve your look as well.

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