Wardrobe Must Haves For Summer ’18

The summer tan, the flip flops, the yellowy flowy summer dresses, the beautiful sunflowers, the classy shades, flaunting your curves..all define the arrival of summer! Often the arrival of a new season needs alota preparation. Here is a list of wardrobe must haves for summer ‘18..



  • Off-Shoulders and Cold Shoulders

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Off shoulders and cold shoulders are the next big things. While these show off your neckline, it still leaves enough to your imagination. The off shoulders are the classic combination bold and flirt whereas, if you wanna go a subtle then you can slip into the cold shoulders instead. The lose Bohemian type should be your pick for the summers. Not only on shorts and dhoti pants, you can also rock these on midi skirts for a club attire or on your good old denims to make it a perfect day wear!


2) Boho Dresses

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Nothing can beat the summer like a Bohemian maxi dress! Bright colours, floral prints, earthy tones and flowy patterns! A Boho maxi dress is your way to go when comfort chic is your kinda style. Elegant and feminine, they are the best way to find comfort during the hot summer days. The free spirited princess in you will make you run away to the islands as soon as you slip into it.


3) Tank Tops and Crop Tops

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Crop tops have been the rage, off late. Tank tops got their name from tank suits. Back in the 1920s, tank suits were worn by men and women in tanks aka pools. They became a part of casual fashion in the upcoming decades. Tanks and crops can be worn on anything and everything. They are also worn undershirts. You can also play around with them..you can wear a loose unbuttoned shirt on a tank top or a full sleeved inner underneath, just in case you didn’t get time to raise off your underarms.  Sporty and light, crops and tanks will make you ditch the sweat.


4) T-Shirt Dress

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All of us love boyfriend tops. Loose and super comfy. Let’s take these tops to the next level and stretch them to make them long t-shirt dresses that can be donned as a daytime outfit. They are pretty much in vogue for the moment and will make you look as cute as a doll!

Turn yourself into the summer fashionista by following these summer trends!

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