Master The Art Of Dressing Stylishly For College With These 6 Tips

A lot of students have grown up wearing a uniform in school, which is why starting college makes it even more thrilling. You can finally wear anything that you want. But the major question arises. What should I wear? You want to look fashionable but have no clue about any college clothing style. Often a dilemma arises that you want to buy trendy college clothing brands for your daily wear but they should also be wear-able next season.

These 6 tips will change the way you approach dressing for college. Take a look!

1) Jeans


 Jeans is a college clothing style which is a complete must-have. It can be worn at any time, day or night. You can repetitively wear it without the need to wash it every time. Plus, the older the jeans the better they look. College clothing brands such as Pepe Jeans, Levi’s and Wrangler are extremely popular. Jeans are perfect for any occasion whether they are funky, grungy, torn or just plain and simple.

2) Ballet Pump Shoes

ballet pumps

Purchase a nice pair of ballet pump shoes. They are not only comfortable but  also the most appropriate college clothing style.

Forget your high heels because you are most likely going to walk a lot from one lecture to another.Ballet pumps look great when paired with dresses, jeans or skirts. Tamaris, Macy’s and Tommy Hilfiger have amazing college clothing brands at an affordable rate.

3) Sundresses

Sundresses are perfect for college wear as it is an entire attire itself. You do not need to think a lot about it. Sundresses are a college clothing style which can make you look beautiful and sexy at the same time. You can make use of a variety of colors and patterns that are offered by several college clothing brands such as Kimchi and Sparkle & Fade.


















4) A Blazer

A blazer will make you appear more intelligent and presentable. It is the most appropriate college clothing style that can be utilized for interviews, any formal meetings or presentations. It is suitable for both men and women. Blazers make you look fashionable without taking much effort. College clothing brands such as Zegna, Adidas and Fort Collins offer good quality blazers at a cheap rate.
















5) Skirts


Knee length floral or solid colored skirts are wardrobe essentials and a fantastic college clothing style for every girl. You can easily combine them with ballet pumps, high heels, beautiful jewelry or tank tops. Skirts allow you to modernize your college clothing style and you do not have to loosen your pocket a lot for it as well. There is no need of going over several college clothing brands as it is best to purchase skirts which are comfortable and stylish.

6) A Bag Which Holds Everything


A practical college clothing style would be to buy a good quality bag which  matches with most of the clothes that you own. Opt for leather or canvas as they are more preferable. It is an agony to carry all your stuff in a bag which is tiny hence ensure that your bag is one of the college clothing brands that can carry a lot of things. Plus a bag which is dazzling and colorful will also make you look chic.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to dress comfortably. Dress for comfort and you will look stylish without following any college clothing style or purchasing any college clothing brands.

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