Get the scoop on the Latest Fashion for Men before you’re too late

When it comes to the  latest fashion for men,  most of the men abroad always seem to be the most well dressed. Men in London seem to look like fashion models who have come straight from the ramp which is why their style is very impressive. Every man looks up to the mark whether it is a casual outfit or if they are dressed for an occasion. They are really classy which is probably due to what they developed regarding their fashion sense in London college of fashion. Pupils make the habit of purchasing clothes which are convenient for their daily wear but it still makes them look handsome. They make an effort in grooming well which makes them even more attractive.

Fashion for men



You can follow some basic trends to improve your look. First of all you need to get a good haircut which will suit your face and make you look good. Try combining a blazer from Macy’s along with a shirt with stripes from Zara. Including a shirt with stripes will help you make a style statement. This look is perfect for formal occasions as well as casual outings with your friends.

Striped shirt with blazer

You can pair crimson trousers with a neutral or pale color which will make you look perfect for fall. This is because this combination gives you a magnificent blend of bright and light colors.



Once you have chosen your attire, do not forget to accessorize. Your ensemble is not complete if you have not worn any accessories. The fashion institute of technology recommends using belts, bags and proper shoes make your look complete.

Accessories for men

If you are looking for a more casual look for college you can wear a jumper and below that a simple buttoned shirt combined with jeans. This will make your ensemble look sophisticated. It will look good regardless of the fact that you are wearing denims or pants. College going students need to prepare for all occasions including formal presentations to casual parties. This outfit gives a perfect balance between formal and casual. Not only are they comfortable but look stylish as well.



Another thing you should keep in mind is the shoes. Avoid wearing sports shoes and try opting for suede ones instead. It is a brilliant element of your wardrobe as they can go with everything. A man will look his best if he has a nice pair of shoes. That is why it is a complete wardrobe essential.

Shoes for men

If you want an outfit for a date, you can wear v – necked T-shirts and sweaters with a pattern along with jeans. This will make you look great and not overdressed. Also, do not forget to use a perfume as women get attracted to men who smell good.



Always ensure that you are versatile with your clothing. Since there are numerous preppy clothing brands for men, try to take advantage of it. It does become a bit difficult due to the fact that men do not have a lot of choices as compared to women. But act smart and you will do it right.

Fashion for men

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