The Teenage Girls Clothing Style Inspired By Ms. Blair Waldorf

The teenage girls clothing style inspired by Ms. Blair Waldorf7

The very famous, rich and super chic Blair Waldorf from the Upper East Eide, played by the brilliant actress Leighton Meester who has inspired many popular teen clothing brands, and who is the “Queen Bee” of the Constance Billiard School for Girls and Serena’s best friend on the Gossip Girl series is a trending fashion icon.

Being the daughter of a fashion designer, it’s no shock that Ms. Waldorf has a great sense of fashion and a trademark of her style.

The Blair Waldorf Fashion Statement

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Ms. Waldorf has a very traditional, classic and well polished sense of style. Blair has always appeared as if she has just come out of a fashion store, her attire has no flaws and always picture perfect.

Blair only wears skirts and dresses you will never or very rarely find her wearing pants, she only wears tights during the winters. Denim jeans are a big “NO-NO” for Ms. Waldorf, so if you plan and wish to dress similar to Blair, then you need to get rid of your jeans.

You can get many lovely and pretty dresses at ShopBop and if you have a budget there are many teen girl clothing stores like H&M and Charlotte Russe that are the best for stylish and cheap dresses. Search for the dresses that have superior quality materials used in them, with playful details like ruffles and belts if you want to match up to Blair.

Custom Outfits

The teenage girls clothing style inspired by Ms. Blair Waldorf2

As Blair Waldorf goes to a private school, Most of her clothes are like a school-uniform. Meaning she uses a lot of short skirts, collared and buttoned shirts and also ties. You can also dress up like her by wearing a button-up blouse or shirt teamed with a dark blue skirt and make sure you put on a bright colored headband and tights to complete your look.

Hints of  Bold Colors

The teenage girls clothing style inspired by Ms. Blair Waldorf3

Blair’s outfit may be neutral but she always makes sure to add a hint of color in some way or the other. It can be through a bold colored overcoat over a dark colored dress, a multicolored handbag and shoes. Blair makes sure she keeps her outfits fresh and unique with bold and bright color.

Girly and Classy

The teenage girls clothing style inspired by Ms. Blair Waldorf4

Blair is a complete girl, and due to this, she loves to include very ultra feminine touches to her outfits like lace, bows, and ruffles, etc. She wears such classy stylish dresses at formal parties and events.

Blair’s Accessories According to 2013 Fashion Accessory Trends

Her Favorite Head Gear

The teenage girls clothing style inspired by Ms. Blair Waldorf5b

The primary trademark of Blair are her numerous headbands. Her head bands range from tartan to satin, Blair has to wear a headband with every possible outfit she owns. The Blairs usual style of wearing headbands is her hair left open, but sometimes her headband is placed over a neat bun or ponytail.

Bold and Different Colored Tights

The teenage girls clothing style inspired by Ms. Blair Waldorf6

In the cold months, Blair is only seen wearing different types and colors of tights. She wears  every shade of tights available, from red, white to gray, etc. So its time you remove your tights because the cold weather is soon approaching and make sure you team them with the perfect skirt, dress or shorts. You can find all of the above on certain affordable and cheap teenage clothing stores online as everyone cannot afford a designer piece.

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