What To Wear For A Halloween Party, Clothing Styles For Women 2013

What to wear for a Halloween party, clothing styles for women 2013 5

Everyone loves Halloween and most on them are usually confused as to what they are going to be wearing for their parties. Do not worry I have made a list of Halloween costumes inspired by characters that you will be able to find in your wardrobe, these are costumes are cheap and affordable fashion for women . This list contains characters from the modern as well as the classics.

1) Crazy Edie

What to wear for a Halloween party, clothing styles for women 2013

Edith “Edie” Bouvier Beale is one of  the most popular “crazy cat lady” available. This is for all you  history geeks and  buffs with a sense of humor,  You could easily pull of a Little Edie costume with a some mismatched tights, a long skirt and a polo neck top, you will also need an  a bulky faux-fur coat. Now to complete this costume it is essential that you wear a head wrap, which can be made  out of  a scarf or a black T-shirt pinned to hold it together  with an ugly and gaudy brooch. Make sure you keep up the British accent throughout the night.

2) The famous Katniss Everdeen

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The Hunger Games novels and movie has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, hence, a Katniss Everdeen costume perfect as it  is recognizable, stylish, and the most simple of all  And as a extra credit this costume will keep you warm and comfortable , this is most ideal if you will be attending a an outdoor party, or planning  to party-hop and walk a lot. You can use a pair dirty cargo pants that were very famous a few  years ago, a green or brown pair will work perfectly with a black colored  T-shirt, you can wear a pair of boot or Dr. martens, a parka and make sure you braid your hair for the katniss look. Finally you will only need two things to really complete this costume that is  a bow and arrow set and a Mockingjay pin, you can either make this yourself or buy it from a Hunger Games publicity stand which you will find at Walmart or Barnes.

3) Marty Mcfly

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Here’s an incredible choice for you film buffs. Dress as a 1980s champion  Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future! To get Marty’s look, wear a button shirt with a jean coat and a orange or red staple vest jacket. Include faded denims and white sneakers, and finish the look with a couple of aviation glasses. This cool and fun outfit because of the fact that there are such are numerous quotes from the film that will we fun to enact during a Halloween bonfire party. If  you have a sweetheart or a close friend then that person go as Dr. Emmett Brown.

4) Curella Di Vil

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It’s very famous and old to dress as a fantasy princess for Halloween, however shouldn’t someone dress up as a villain for a change. Cruella De Vil will be a marvelous and unexpected  outfit to wear to any Halloween party. All you will need is a fitted dark colored dress preferably black, a white artificial fur overcoat or shawl which you will find at a plus size fall fashion store , and dark and white temporary highlights for your hair. Complete  your outfit with red heels and lipstick, elbow-length gloves, and a long cigarette holder. As a clever additional, you could let a stuffed dalmatian dg peeping from your handbag which can be found at cute teen clothing stores.

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