Escape The Fashion Beeline You Have Been In Until Now!

It is human tendency to be stuck with our usual habits. When you feel extremely comfortable with your usual routine and styles.

However, it is important to know, if it wasn’t for taking risks and adapting new styles, it would have been impossible for us to reach this point of civilization. Well, the same applies to our personal preferences of style.

Fashion is an amazing way of expressing oneself, it represents culture, originality, personality, and innovation. Fashion and style are ever changing. They cannot remain stagnant as they reflect our personality and changes in our personality and life in general.

So the question remains, how will you break your usual style pattern and embrace new ones and walk with the trend? How to become more stylish?

Here are a few tips that will help you become more stylish:

  1. Be Adventurous

    Just like your daily life, if you restrain yourself to new concepts and ideas you may never be able to grasp new things that will benefit you. Fashion is a fun way to express you and your ideas. Fashion gives you a lot of freedom which is why it is important to maintain discipline along with showcasing yourself. Explore your options and try all of them as long as you are sure you feel comfortable and can handle a bold look.

  2. Take Inspiration

    Take inspiration from everywhere! There are endless possibilities to stimulate your mind and come up with new ideas that can be a blend of different fashion trends. Check out what’s trending and incorporate that in your look by customizing it in such a way that you feel comfortable and carry it. There are various forms of inspiration. You can be inspired by different occasions, colour palettes, etc. you can also take inspiration from bloggers that have become very popular over social media. You can also be inspired by areas of your interest and try to incorporate that in your look.

  3. Challenge Yourself

    This can get slightly tricky as it takes guts and a lot of effort to challenge yourself. However, remember that this isn’t impossible. Explore different styles and trends that caught your eye and is probably stuck in your mind.

  4. Baby Steps

    Change cannot happen overnight. That’s why begin with small changes that are barely noticeable. Once you feel confident about carrying them then you can adapt to bigger changes.

    For eg., If you love bright coloured lipsticks but feel a little conscious wearing them then begin with hues that are a tone darker but belong to the same colour category. Always keep in mind that you got to take it slow.

These looks are trendy and comfortable. They ensure no compromise is made with the health of your hair. So go ahead and give every style a shot and embrace your hair the way it is!


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