6 Effortless Ways To Include Yourself In Your Crazy Schedule!

How to make time for yourself even when you are very busy?

Life in college can be extremely nerve-racking! It can become overwhelming and always feel the need to relax. Well, this is absolutely fine because you need to know self-care is very important no matter how busy you are. So how will you manage to juggle between the exhausting schedule with a ton of responsibilities and take care of yourself?

Here are a few ideas that will help you take care of yourself and also ensure a little you have a little time to pamper yourself.

  1. Meditation

    Ten minutes may seem short now but it is a very long time especially when you are always packed with a busy schedule. However, these 10 minutes can make a drastic change and is absolutely worth it! In college, there may have been many instances where elder’s ask you to remove a small part of your day to meditate. This may seem boring at first but once you give it a shot it’s all going to be worth it! Try a short meditation supervised by a teacher or someone with experience. This will not only help you relax but also discover what stresses you and processes them.

  2. Early To Bed

    Every college students night routine is, getting on the bed, completing homework, and using the phone until they fall asleep. However how about you use this time to create some time for yourself? Use this time to reminisce the day and think about what you want to achieve tomorrow. Enjoy your own company.

  3. Wake Up A Little Early

    This doesn’t have to very early, no one wants to break their precious sleep! Just a couple of minutes will do the deal. Utilize this time to plan how are you going to execute the goals that you thought about last night. Focus on what how good you feel and how bad you want your goals! Make sure this works like an awakening for your soul and always start your day on a positive note.

  4. Do Something For Yourself

    Do something that you have always wanted to do. Try accomplishing a task or completing something that you have been delaying for a very long time. For eg. cleaning your room, updating your wardrobe etc. you can also cook yourself a good meal or watch a movie by yourself. This is the time to relax and pamper yourself so do something that would make you happy.

  5. Take a Walk

    If your college at a walkable distance wake up a little early and keep some time to walk yourself to college instead of taking public or private means of transport. You can also take a little walk or get do a few exercises on the campus itself. You can use this time to clear your thoughts and focus on how or what you plan to do next.

  6. Homework Comes First!

    After having a pretty tiresome day at college, the last thing you want to do is have more work from college! The best thing is to complete all the tasks, whether assignments, projects or even a little homework right after you come home. This will give you ample of time to finish it and once you are done there will be more time to spare. In this time, you can meet with your friends, watch some TV or read your favourite book. This practice will ensure that you get to pamper yourself at the end of the day also keeping you prepared for tomorrow.


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