7 Friendship Date Ideas That You & Your Bestie Need To Go On!

A date isn’t just restricted to you and your better half! When you plan a date with someone other than your boo, the first person that comes to your mind is your best friend!

When you are with your BFF’s all you do is go out to eat sit and have a little chit-chat with a side of gossip! But sometimes you must plan dates with your best friend. Put in the effort that you would usually if you were on a date with your partner. Take this date seriously and see how much fun this entire experience turns out to be!

Yes, you are going out on a date with your best friend and they probably are the same gender as you! The date may not end with a perfect kiss and butterflies in your stomach because of the anticipation of what’s going to happen next. Although, it will definitely end with lots of laughter and memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. There is absolutely no pressure about whether or not they’ll call you back, its because they have to! You can be yourself and focus solely on having fun!

Friendship dates must be interesting and fun. For this reason, we have listed down a few friendship date ideas that you need to try with your best friend!

  1. Go To A Theatre Show

    Decide a show, maybe a live drama sequel or a live stand-up comedy show or even a gig. Decide a movie the two of you want to watch. This is fun and inexpensive and a great way to just lay back and laugh Let loose and laugh with your friend!

  2. Jazz Night

    Check if your local bar has a karaoke or trivia night. Plan a fun date at a local bar with singing and dancing and end the night with some wine and a scrumptious dinner. If you both live right next door, take a walk because the distance wouldn’t be great since the bar is within your vicinity.

  3. Painting & Sipping

    Even though you or your friend (or both!) aren’t as artistic, this can be so much fun! Just follow the step given in the class and try something new. Even if you or your friend make mistakes, this will be a good opportunity to laugh as much as you want! The wine will keep you in a sassy mood and this class will be unlike any other class that both may have attended!

  4. Museum

    The idea of visiting a museum may seem boring at first, however, everything is not what it seems! Pick a museum that exhibits the era that you and your BFF share an interest in. You can pick an art or a science museum that is based on the locality or town that you have visited or have come from. This way both will be amused at all times, there will so much to talk and discuss, exploring and you will also learn many new things. This will also help you and your date for the night to be more involved in the culture and society.

  5. Picnic

    Nothing can compare a good ‘ol picnic! Pick a beautiful spot preferably at a garden, find a good spot under the biggest tree for some shade, have the sun shine in its pretty view and lay back! Along with lunch and some snacks you can also carry board games if you get tired of playing outdoor games. Make new memories and reminisce old ones!

  6. Create Mutual Hobbies

    There must be something that you and your best have always wanted to do or be good at! This is a great opportunity to accomplish it together! It could be a sport that is fun and adventurous such as trekking, boat riding etc. you can give arts like pottery a chance. Perhaps, make something for each other as a gift at the end of the date? Throw in as many ideas as you want. There can be so much you and your date could share!

  7. Go To An Animal Shelter

    This according to us is one of the best ideas for a date with your BFF. Visit an animal shelter! Wander around and show some love to these babies. Many times you can feed and play with them. Spend some time with them, take pictures and end with nothing but cuteness and a day full of smiles.

Friendship dates are the real deal! They are a great way to do something different with your best friends and build a tighter bond. This is also an opportunity to really get to know your best friend and what is happening in their life really. College days are fun but crucial too. There are different classes you have to attend, study seriously as graduation follows, and be cool at the same time to keep up with peer pressure! There really isn’t much time to spend with besties. This untimed date can break ur patterned schedule and help you and your best friend let loose.


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