What To Gift College Boys?

Buy gifts for your brother, friends or boyfriend and make him feel like you are a gift-giving Goddess! Buying gifts for your brother, boyfriend or just a male friend is a pretty tough job! So, here are some ideas that will definitely help get generate more gift ideas for the dude.

  • Cards Against Humanity

    This card game is an absolute crowd pleaser! If the guy is funny and loves a sense of humor, this gift is beyond perfect. This set of cards is funny and extremely entertaining which makes it an awesome game to be played at parties. It can help people who don’t know each other break the ice and just have fun. This gift is also very useful for boys who are club leaders and have to hold social gatherings. It is very enjoyable and is definitely not a family game!

  • Airpods

    You must have come across many people who have been hanging around with a pair of Airpods- a type of wireless earphones. These are wireless with excellent sound quality. They are trending and is a perfect, “boy gift”.

  • Food Map

    This gift is perfect for guys who are big foodies. Make a personalized food map and mark the places that he has always wanted to go. Include small certificates of food that you are willing to pay as a gift! You can use the help of google maps to note down good restaurants that serve the best food of his choice. You can customize the map by adding cute pictures an cutouts or your pictures together etc. you can also make a cute frame so that it will be a perfect gift that can be preserved an remembered. The bonus point about this is that you will give him the best food afterall, the way to man’s heart is through his stomach!

  • T-shirts & Series

    Let’s be honest, college boys are obsessed with comics and other sci-fi nerdy animated characters. A series of comics or perhaps a video game ( that is if he has an X-box) is perfect for a nerdy dude. Long sleeved supreme t-shirts in trend these days, how about customizing it with his favourite animated character? We are sure he will appreciate it! Marvel characters for such t-shirts are perfect! After all, who isn’t a fan of them? Along with this you can also wrap the dinner early and call it a game night. Tickets to his favourite game are probably all he wants!


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