6 Ways You Can Rock Your Birthday Alone

Being away from home during your birthday doesn’t have to be gloomy anymore! Following are the top 6 ways you can rock your birthday alone!

  1. Treat Yourself!

    Treat yourself with a nice meal, buy your favourite drink or try something new. You can also treat yourself with a piece of cake. Or buy the whole cake! You can also cook yourself a delicious meal if you are into it. Make sure you are stuffed on your birthday with the most delicious treats you love!

  2. Buy Presents

    Once you are in college there are expectations that you spend responsibly now that you are old enough to have that kind of money. However, your birthday doesn’t count! Give yourself permission to buy anything and everything that you really want. For eg. jewellery that you love, a face mask or a pair of branded shoes that you have always wanted. Anything that brings you utter joy, and excitement you can have it! Today is your day to celebrate!

  3. Getting In Touch

    With today’s technology distance isn’t an issue. You can facetime your friends or family to feel their love and have them present before your eyes as they wish you. Video calling is a better option than the usual phone calls. By the end of the day, you can also write a birthday card or a letter to yourself reflecting on the past occurrences and how you have celebrated your birthday so far. Looking back to where you were a year ago is actually really fun!

  4. Natural Decor

    There are two kinds of people, one who absolutely adore flowers and the second who think its just a waste of money and beautiful flowers that will die towards the end of the day. But, no matter what the reason is the one fact that remains constant is that flowers are an absolute refreshment. It lightens and brightens the mood because of its natural scent and vivid colours. This is a luxury that cannot be afforded all the time. And so it is okay to go slightly overboard just to bring a smile on your face.

  5. Pamper Yourself Throughout The Day

    Take a day off from college or from work too. Spend the lazing around and just pampering yourself. No homework, no assignments no delayed tasks! Today is all about you and everything you want. You can also visit a spa and relax take a break from your busy schedule and make this one count!

  6. Explore

    If you are celebrating alone because you live in another place then visit places! Discover new restaurants and different tourist attractions. Go to a nearby hotspot like a beach or a burger joint and just enjoy. Dress to impress and take the most gorgeous pictures.


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