Best DIY Gift Ideas For Our Near & Dear Ones!

The holiday season is here! It's a time of joy and sharing gifts. Everybody comes across the question as to what must be gifted to their loved one. For college students, this might get a little complicated. Especially, when you are on an allowance.

Affording gifts for so many people becomes something you cannot manage. However, there is no need to be worried because we have got this covered, Here are our top 5 gifting ideas that you will love!

  1. Embroidered Hoop

    This gift idea is very cute and also a good way of utilizing scraps of fabric. You can embroider whatever you want inside the hoop. If you don’t know sewing take a few lessons from your grandmother, mother or any family member. (we’re pretty sure all adults know the art of sewing!) a few practices under their guidance will be more than enough, then you can do it on your own. If you plan to give your mother or grandma this present then start practicing about 2 months before. Use the first month to practice, clear doubts and sharpen your skills then use the second to work on your own piece that you will be presenting as a gift. Hearts, messages flowers or even a cartoon character can be embroidered. You can also watch sewing tutorial videos that are readily available online for free.

  2. Cookie Jar

    Everybody loves cookies and the holiday season is the best opportunity you can get to showcase all your baking skills. Your friends and family with a sweet tooth will obsess over this gift. Try to make this as cute as possible. Use cookie cutters with different shapes such as stars or reindeers or different emoticons. You can also use candies and edible paints and glitters that are easily available online or at any local store. To finish, pack all this cuteness in a pretty mason jar. You can decorate the jar with paint, permanent markers etc. if you are good at art. If not, you can use cute little stickers or alphabetical stickers to send a little message. Tie the neck of the mason jar with a ribbon preferably with colours that are suitable for the occasion. For eg., if you plan to gift this during the Christmas, the colours green and red will be suitable. You can also attach a mini card to it to seal it with more love and cuteness!

  3. Polaroid Calendar

    Everybody has that friend who is constantly taking selfies. Give them something that will make them look at those pictures and cherish every memory. Make a stylish and unique photo stand that will work as an amazing decor in their room. Put all the photos together and create a photo calendar. The tutorial for making one is easily available online. All you need is a piece of balsa wood- a type of softwood, a box cutter and a glue gun. The photo calendar is similar to the image given below. Add a few pictures together and let them complete it until their next birthday!

  4. Makeup Pouch

    Pouches are very easy to sew especially if you have a little experience in sewing through our embroidery idea! You can learn sewing pouches with the help of the tutorials available online. Add a twist to it by adding a little message or their favourite character on the pouch. You can also sew a different material on the pouch such as suede or even gift wrapping paper. You can increase the durability of the wrapping paper by adding more layers to it by folding it to make it thicker. This gift is perfect for anyone. Who does not want their things to be organized? This pouch can also be used to store pens, small accessories and can also be used as a travelling kit. You can add a little sweetness by adding a few chocolates or candies as a treat for the holiday season.


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